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At MOLDkraft Vents Ltd we specialize in the making of top quality handmade Concrete Air Vents in a range of sizes suitable for a number of applications. There are 10 varying sizes in the full range, starting from your std brick size, up to a full block size and larger.

You will not find a better selection of Concrete Air Vents” 


We have available Vent Air Capacity and Vent Net Open Area calculations for our full range if needed. Please note: These calculations are specific to our range of Concrete Foundation air vents and should not be applied to any other form of air vent. Please use the Contact-Us form to be sent our Airflow Capacity calculations.

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Quality Concrete Air Vents Guaranteed”

MOLDkraft air vents are made to very high standards, using only the best product available. Our customers are consistently blown away by the quality of our range. Our Concrete vent range is available ex stock. So if you are looking for a Concrete Air Vent for your next project, you have found what we believe to be the best available full stop…….


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